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A Wake For The Dreamland

“Since Victory in Europe Day (VE-Day), two generations ago, writers of fact and fiction have crafted words to show Canadians what the war over there and back here looked, sounded and felt like. For the first time since novelist Farley Mowat and historian G.W.L. Nicholson put the liberation of Italy in print for Canadians, Laurel Deedrick-Mayne has delivered the starkness of the campaign on the Sicilian and Italian fronts and the anxiety of loved-ones at home in Canada, all in the same work. It’s as if she lived the roles of her protagonists – William, Robert and Annie – by being there. Her research was there. Her imagination takes us deeper. Brava Laurel!”
– Ted Barris, author of The Great Escape: A Canadian Story


Step back in time…

Friends William, Robert, and Annie are on the cusp of adulthood while the world is on the brink of war. It is a Canadian summer in 1939 and Robert and Annie’s love has blossomed, even as the inevitability of the boys joining up means separation and the first of many losses. Fearing he might not return, Robert makes William promise to take care of Annie. Every arena of their lives is infiltrated by the war, from the home front to the underground of queer London to the bloody battlefields of Italy. Even in the aftermath, in the shadow of The Dreamland, these friends fight their own inner battles: to have faith in their right to love and be loved, to honour their promises and ultimately find their way “home.”

When Days Are Long: Nurse in the North


A woman’s journey in the Yukon…

Keep an eye on Laurel Deedrick-Mayne’s upcoming literary project. Her next novel is a re-release of Amy Wilson’s Memoir, newly titled: When Days Are Long: Nurse in the North

This gripping personal account of Nurse, Amy Wilson, traveling great distances to deliver Diphtheria vaccines to remote First Nations communities will have you spellbound by her compassion, bravery, and love of the north.


Original documents and photographs from Amy Wilson’s journey in the Yukon